Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things......

New items will be posted when found. I am always looking for yummy low point items.

Cal 60
Fat 3g
Fiber 2g

15 crackers (garden veg)
Cal 120
Fat 4g
Fiber 5g


1 Muffin Top
Cal 100
Fat 1.5g
Fiber 6g

Mr. Wheat's Crispy Wheat in Plain, Honey and Sea Salt Flavors

7 crisps (approx 4" circles)
Cal 110
Fat 1g
Fiber 4g

Arnold Sandwich Thins POINTS = 1

Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Rice Pudding POINTS = 1

Chocolatey Mint Mini Delights POINTS = 2

Marzetti's® Fat Free Ranch Veggie Dip - POINTS = 1 (4T)



Ramsey said...

Have you tried Miracle Muffins 7 grams of fiber, 3 grams fat and 87 calories for a whole muffin! They come in 7 flavors - banana, blueberry, black cherry, chocolate black cherry, cinnamon green tea, chai spice black tea and gingerbread.

Prazr said...

Hi Reg: Just came here to see if you had any recent posts. How come you have a recent start date under your name at LCF?

Prazr said...

I found Murray Sugar Free chocolate bites.
70 calories
3gr fat
3gr fiber

1 point for a small pack of cookies. They taste good. kinda like what an oreo cookie would be like without the cream on it.

Prazr said...

Hi Reg:

Murray chocolate bites sf

cals 70
fat 3
fiber 3

1 point for small bag with several cookies in it. They tast good. kinda like oreo without the cream on it.

maps said...

Thanks for posting this I am going to make it tomorrow and freeze ind batches in our NEW FREEZER!!